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Personal and Professional Growth

Learning and development experiences offered by Impact Hub are diverse and range from peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and social enterprise startup weekends, to practitioner-led classes and social entrepreneur training. We employ a hands-on approach to personal and professional development that includes peer support, practical tools, and designed learning that allows professionals and entrepreneurs to grow faster and do good, better.

88% of members say they have gained knowledge and skills through experiences at The HUB. 79% of members have been exposed to new topics and issues through The HUB.

Greg Searle

Greg is the founder of Harvest Noir (Ottawa’s biggest sustainability festival), as well as environmental NGO Bioregional North America and Tomoye Corporation (an internet startup acquired by NewsGator), and is a founding board member of the Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict. At Bioregional, Greg works with progressive real estate developers to create One Planet Communities, the most sustainable neighborhoods in the world with zero carbon and zero waste communities – including Ottawa’s Zibi project and the Grow Community near Seattle. He also regularly gives lectures at conferences and universities on green living, sustainable behaviours, and on groundbreaking green case studies like BedZED (where he lived).

“I go to the Hub to take the pulse of meaningful innovation, get plugged into exciting and important stuff I can’t afford to miss, and conspire with fellow innovators who are making real change happen in our region. I don’t think it’s an accident that Ottawa went from boring to cool right around the same time that Hub Ottawa came along. The Hub has helped me be a better social entrepreneur.”

Greg Searle
bioRegional / Harvest Noir

National Association of Friendship Centres

The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) is a network of 118 Friendship Centres and seven Provincial and Territorial Associations (PTAs) from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Friendship Centres are Canada’s most significant off-reserve Indigenous service delivery infrastructure and are the primary providers of culturally enhanced programs and services to urban Indigenous residents. For over half-a-century, Friendship Centres have been facilitating the transition of Indigenous people from rural, remote and reserve life to an urban environment

“My Hub experience has been life changing. Being a part of such an engaged, creative and diverse community of innovators has had a tremendous impact on my personal and professional development. Knowing that I can call on a group of committed and passionate people has allowed me to think about the impact my work is having in new and important ways.”

Yancy Craig
Director of Strategic Development, NAFC

Happiness Habits 613

Hub members Amy Longard, a holistic nutritionist; Yogi Kate Durie and Manal Nemr, a Life Coach, joined forces to create the #HappinessHabits613, an initiative designed to intentionally cultivate happiness and build community in Ottawa (and beyond). The trio rallied a tribe, building momentum and creating an online presence to launch their first 21-day #HappinessHabits613 adventure based around nine underlying keystone habits of happiness; Gratitude, Meaningful Experiences/Purpose, Meditation/Mindfulness, Movement, Nutrition, Altruism, Simplifying, Connection to nature and social investment/community. Throughout the 21-days, a series of events were organized including a meditation workshop, a Lunch and Learn on Food and Mood, a picnic at Vincent Massey Park, a night of Art + Live music and much more.

“Impact Hub is the incubator that provided us with a creative space and a supportive community to  conceptualize, prototype and implement our ideas for #HappinessHabits613. From presenting a Brown Bag Lunch & Learn to hosting our 21-Day Adventure Launch Party, to collaboration with other Hubbers – The Hub community rallied behind our initiative. Our #HappinessHabits613 mission and the values of Impact Hub are aligned; we want to create a happy, healthy community.”

Manal Nemr
Happiness Habits 613