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Global Know-How and Resources

From Amsterdam to Sao Paulo, Singapore to San Francisco, we are a rapidly expanding, diverse global network of over 11,000+ members in 72+ locations. Our community has access to the best of what our global community has to offer – talent, spaces, resources, experts, relationships, local assets, market intelligence, partnerships, and peers in every discipline you can imagine.

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77% said The HUB has allowed them to work more effectively and efficiently. 77% found that The HUB gave them access to better working facilities and infrastructure.

Great Work

GreatWork is a technology that helps organizations cultivate and rally around their best ideas. As a small start-up team, GreatWork has iterated and developed a world-class decision-making platform to guide leaders, engaging more people in the organization’s opportunities and challenges. Launching live from the Impact HUB Berlin in 2013, GreatWork has gone on to iterate a 2.0 version, which debuted with a live engagement demo at HUB Ottawa’s Member Jam Town Hall in Fall 2015 – providing invaluable insights and priority ranking to help members ‘Do Good Better.’

“The Impact Hub global community has allowed us to connect with social entrepreneurs around the world, including the opportunity to launch the first version of our product in Berlin. The Hub community, both its core team and its members, are consistently interested, interesting and highly supportive of each other’s work, and share a love of learning which is fulfilled by world class professional development programs that we otherwise would not be able to afford at this stage.”

Jen Hunter
Chief Engagement Officer, GreatWork

Ashoka Canada

Jess spent a summer supporting the founding team of AshokaU in Washington DC back in 2008, hoping that one day she’d have the opportunity to help bring the program to Canada. Eight years later, she now leads Ashoka Canada’s university program from Ottawa as the Director of Learning Networks. Jessica has worked in the education and support of changemakers for more than a decade – from developing a city wide collaborative focused on social enterprise training to co-founding an online school for changemakers.

“Being a part of the Impact Hub network has connected me to collaborators around the world, and in Ottawa.  I’ve been connected to individuals I’ve started businesses with, and others that have been instrumental connections in my work. It’s one of the most valuable networks I’m a part of.”

Jessica Lax,
Ashoka Canada

Eric Chan & eepmon

Eric is a Digital Artisan intersecting visual art and technology. His alter ego eepmon’s multidisciplinary creations combine the handmade with digital design, and he counts clients like Canada Goose, Mini Cooper and Microsoft Xbox among his collaborations. A graduate of Carleton University, Eric was awarded the Young Alumni Achievement Award and is a proud member of the school’s Alumni Mentorship program. A former NYC resident, Eric has recently returned home to Ottawa and travels frequently across the globe, where he has had the opportunity to work from international locations like Impact Hub Tokyo. Eric’s work has recently been acquired by the Canada Council Art Bank.

“My Hub experience is a breath of fresh air. The Hub allows me to engage and witness first-hand the broader spectrum of that talent residing within the Ottawa community. Ever since joining Hub Ottawa, I feel that I have been more productive with my work – working at The Hub allows me to focus and get the job done. I love the fact that I can hop to any Impact Hub around the world and set up shop.”

Eric Chan,
Founder, eepmon