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Cross-Sector Exchange

Our community is made up of individuals from private, not-for-profit, philanthropic, and public sectors, derive value from exchange with perspectives, ideas, approaches, people, and projects in other sectors. Members can then bring this knowledge, insights and networks back to their respective organizations, and help their organization better innovate, execute, and grow.

Over 95% of members have found that the HUB has been instrumental for them to expand their personal and professional network. Over 80% of members have found that the HUB has been supportive for them to strengthen their personal commitment and motivation.

Community Knowledge Exchange

Part platform, part process, Community Knowledge Exchange (CKX) seeks to spark fundamental shifts in how individuals, institutions and communities build and share knowledge in the pursuit of social change.

“The Hub connects me to a local and global network of people who are interested in doing good and doing it better. And that’s what CKX is all about, bringing together people, networks and ideas to spark fundamental shifts in how we build and share knowledge in the pursuit of social change. The inaugural CKX Summit would not have been nearly as impactful without the connections made and relationships built through The Hub.”

Lee Rose
Director, Community Knowledge, CKX

Ottawa Centre Eco-District

The Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict is making the downtown core more sustainable, socially vibrant, and attractive to businesses and organizations looking to relocate or expand. Creating a smarter downtown for Canada’s capital – a better place to live, work and play. As Canada’s first official EcoDistrict the team is working hard to develop a model that can be used in other parts of Ottawa and across the country.

“Being Hub Members gives our team the chance to mix and mingle with a wide range of folks, all of whom are working towards positive change. This environment is rich and opportunities to share ideas and cross-pollinate are numerous. It is an unexpected benefit that is much appreciated.”

Don Grant
Executive Director, Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict

Evidence for Democracy

Evidence for Democracy (E4D) is the leading fact-driven, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization promoting the transparent use of evidence in government decision-making in Canada. Through research, education and issue campaigns, E4D is engaging and empowering the science community while cultivating public and political demand for evidence-based decision-making.

“We are grateful to have grown our roots at Impact Hub Ottawa. The Hub’s collaborative atmosphere and workshops provided Evidence for Democracy with the energy, resources, and network needed to transform our scrappy start-up into a strong voice for science and democracy in Canada.”

Katie Gibbs
Executive Director, Evidence for Democracy