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Our community members – made up of social innovators, startups, freelancers, public servants, students, not-for-profits and NGOs, among others – place equal importance on financial sustainability and the well being of society and our planet in order to assess how we are creating value and impact. Although we support our members in helping to grow their successes, impact, and opportunities, no singular output can capture all of that. At Impact Hub, we take a multi-dimensional approach to capturing the collective impact of our members and our community on bettering the world.

Part of the fastest growing social innovation community in the world, our dynamic network of more than 300 members, partners and organizations are tackling problems in 40+ fields, from urban agriculture and education to international development and green energy. Every day, our community makes new professional connections, gains new perspectives on their work, plugs into our physical creative environment and accesses resources on our global online network. Collaboration among the Impact Hub community is leading to new knowledge, new projects, and citizens are coming together like never before to creatively tackle civic problems that ultimately enriches quality of life in our city.

These are just a handful of examples of the magic that happens at Impact Hub.