Message from Mayor Jim Watson

Dear Impact Hub Ottawa,

Congratulations to the core team and Board of Directors on helping social innovation and social entrepreneurship grow and thrive in our city.

In three short years, The HUB has grown into a vibrant community and environment for social innovation, social entrepreneurship and city building. The work of 300+ Hubbers has contributed to making our city more connected, courageous, inclusive and innovative.

I am pleased to see your educational programming, including Impact Academy, is helping social impact leaders and social entrepreneurs get connected to valuable resources, know-how, and skills in Ottawa and from around the world.

I always enjoy my visits to The HUB. I’ve had the pleasure to meet a number of artists, makers, social entrepreneurs, not-for-profit professionals, public servants and others that call HUB their home. I’ve watched them collaborate, learn, work, incubate, and create positive impact for our city. Seeing the vibrancy and diversity of the activities and people there makes me proud of our city and excited about its future.

I believe The HUB is important to Ottawa’s future, and is a vital complement to the new Innovation Centre planned for the city. That’s why I’m excited by the prospect of a growing and strengthening HUB, and the increasing impact it is having on our city.

I look forward to working with The HUB over the next couple of years and helping to support its efforts in growing social innovation in our city leading up to and during Canada’s 150th celebration year.

Jim Watson