Message from Tobias Lutke, Shopify

Humans have always been hackers and tinkerers.

It’s what has made us creative, purposeful and resilient. Trying new things and learning from it is something we do in primary school all through higher education. But when many of us enter careers, unfortunately many organizations suppress this natural capacity and tendency, even though we might believe that bold experiments matter for a better future and to build things we can’t yet even imagine.

Bold experiments do not have to mean heavy, long, capital intensive investments, but making little bets often that are waypoints to the larger ambition. It’s all about small steps with purpose. The learning is paramount, there is little sense experimenting if we are not setup or haven’t figured out how apply the learning in a positive way. This is how Shopify was built and continues to grow. We make little bets continuously and amazing discoveries emerge from these little bets.

Ottawa is an exciting place to kick-start and grow world-changing companies, and we need more organizations that drive an experimental culture and sharing ethos. I’m happy that The HUB is one of these organizations. As Carl Sagan once said, “We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions.” The HUB is demonstrating this again by openly sharing their 2nd Failure Report. I am inspired by how The HUB is becoming a centre of gravity for bold civic initiatives and innovations that better our city.

Tobias Lutke
CEO, Shopify