Failure Report

One of Impact Hub’s core values is written in bold letters on a wall in the space: “experiments spark possibilities.” While we believe this to be true, there will be wrong turns and false starts. During our first three years, we made little bets that didn’t always work out, but the key is to get up, learn, and continue on the journey.

At our team jams, we often reflect on activities that didn’t produce expected outcomes, how we felt, what we learned, and discuss how to move forward. In the past three years, we had a number of failures and we asked ourselves whether we should share them. Let’s face it, failure is no fun. Then we realized that there is no value in keeping our failures a secret. At times, sharing may feel uncomfortable, but we believe that failures and lessons are meant to be shared. We believe Victor Hwang’s words when he states, “failure is merely a hypothesis that has been tested and shown to be false.” Openly discussing failure is also part of our organizational learning strategy. So, this report celebrates Impact Hub’s unique learning culture.

Through our work, we want to contribute to a world-class city that catalyzes and supports social innovation and social enterprise. We’re thrilled to contribute to a culture of failure reporting so we can all learn from each other, and collectively accelerate better outcomes for the world.